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45. From the community
Being hospital-based obstetricians, when we started compiling these questions - mostly from mothers we met in the course of our job - we realized that however comprehensive our list might be, something little but significant just might remain missing. There are questions that we are quite plausibly not asked because of our setting: The hospital ward and clinic. Because of this, we approached national organizations that are dedicated to helping people with various pregnancy-related problems. Some of them responded positively by compiling lists of the most frequently asked questions for us.

When you go through these questions, you realize how enriching this strand is. The questions have a decidedly ‘community’ rather than clinical flavour. We have included them here because they give a different perspective to the subjects dealt with. We believe they will be eye-opening to many readers and may provide answers to questions that have been there in the backs of their minds.

The contact addresses of the organizations have been provided at the end of each section. There is, of course, a separate section subsequently of the various other organisations that deal with other pregnancy-associated problems. Wherever possible, a helpline number has been given as well.