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Cervical bleeding in pregnancy

How common is bleeding from the cervix during pregnancy?
Fairly common, in relative terms.
Minor - usually painless - vaginal bleeding is experienced by many women during pregnancy. Examination may reveal that the bleeding is coming from the cervix. This is usually a result of what is popularly known as cervical erosion (cervical ectropion), a common occurrence during pregnancy and among those taking the pill.

It is important to emphasize the fact that erosion is an erroneous term because there is no actual erosion. The main issue is that the changes make the cervix prone to easy bleeding. Bleeding from the cervix, may be provoked by sexual intercourse or douching. It may also occur unprovoked.

The cervix may also bleed as a result of inflammation, a condition known as "cervicitis". Bleeding is typically light and self-limiting. It may be recurrent.

What is a show?
Labour is normally preceded by a "show". This is usually a mucous plug which is occasionally blood-stained. The blood accompanying the show could be substantial, to the extent of causing anxiety. The early contraction pains and/or backache may reinforce the anxiety that something is wrong. In any case, any bleeding in pregnancy should be verified by an expert.
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